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British BBC news, buy soccer jerseys cheap according to a survey SOCCEREX latest report shows that the Liverpool winger Stirling become Europe's most expensive U21 players, while Manchester United is no lack of young people, there are two players in the top 10.

The report for the player's valuation is very scientific, buy cheap soccer jerseys it combines the player's age, location, belongs to the club, the contract length, the value of the market outlook, the number of national team debut, debut time, goals, injuries and technical standards, such detailed assessment data to ensure that the scientific and convincing.

According to the survey results, the Liverpool winger Stirling U21 become the most expensive player, his net worth reached 35 million pounds on top, author of the report served as the Barcelona Calzada marketing and business executives when it comes to this result He said, "Combining all factors, we believe the most valuable Stirling (21 years) player." Currently, the City is pursuing Stirling, buy soccer jerseys online although they offer has up to 40 million pounds, but insists Liverpool ask £ 50 million, which also shows the Stirling worth not low.

The top 20, there are four English players, cheap usa soccer jerseys which is the largest of all countries, and a total of nine players will appear in the next season's Premier League, where Manchester United 2, respectively Pres and Luke - Shaw. Arsenal also has 2, respectively, and Beilai Lin Chambers. In addition to Sterling, cheap soccer jerseys the Liverpool also Ao Liji and Emre - Zhan entered the top 20.

Calzada believes the FA Premier League on each one wholesale soccer jerseys must have eight local players in England shall also pushed up the England players worth, "it shows the strength of the Premier League, we often see happen Premiership transfer price , buy soccer jerseys that is a good proof. "

Europe's most expensive player attached U21 TOP20:

1, Sterling (Liverpool) £ 35 million;

2, Claudio Munoz (PSG) £ 27.8 million;

3, Pres (Manchester United) 23.8 million pounds;

4, Berardi (Sassuolo) £ 21.6 million;

5, Jimenez (Atletico Madrid) £ 21.4 million;

6, Han Aolu (Leverkusen) £ 19.4 million;

7. Heikki Zupančič (Inter Milan) £ 18.5 million;

8, Gaja (Valencia) £ 18.3 million;

9 - Luke Shaw (Manchester United) 18 million pounds;

10, Joan Stewart (Athletic Bilbao) 17 million pounds;

11, Zuma (Chelsea) £ 16,200,000

12, Gentile Mansfield (Anderlecht) £ 13,800,000

13, Mitt Pavlovic (Anderlecht) £ 12,900,000

14, Tully ska (Benfica) £ 12,900,000

15, Emre - Zhan (Liverpool) £ 12,100,000

16 Stones (Everton) 12 million pounds

17, Marshall (Monaco) £ 11,300,000

18, Ao Liji (Liverpool) £ 10,900,000

19 Chambers (Arsenal) £ 10,700,000

20, Beilai Lin (Arsenal) £ 10,500,000