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In just the last America's Cup in Chile, Dunga's team was eliminated in the Top 8 battle, following the World Cup in Brazil crashed out of the semi-final cheap authentic soccer jerseys, Brazil once again losing in the World Series, whether Scolari, or Deng plus can not allow Brazil to revive the former glory, while Brazilian star Kaka received a CNN interview, he believes the current Brazil team is losing a conventional watch authentic soccer jerseys cheap.

The last time Brazil won the World Cup is the World Cup in 2002, when the Selecao 3R combination of drawbacks, offensive style of football to the world marvel, authentic soccer jerseys wholesale but now this year Brazil has no prestige. Kaka, this is a growing number of Brazilian players to Europe due to gold, "Brazil is now in trouble, most of the effectiveness of European national team players, the Brazilian football which I can not get back the original style We need to improve the domestic league level. "

"We need to address these issues and get back to the true Brazilian football, I think it is very suitable for coach Dunga's job, cheap usa soccer jerseys but Brazil still needs more fresh blood."

After the 2014 World Cup, the Brazilian Football Association invited back Dunga, the former world champions in harsh army is known, cheap soccer jerseys he reshaped the team Selecao, but the America's Cup defeat was Dunga Brazilians began to examine whether true Suitable as the team's coach.

Although not led Dunga reached the America's Cup four strong, wholesale soccer jerseys but Kaka as Brazil coach still support him, "This is a new cycle of Brazilian football, we do have a lot of problems, but I'm sure we will solve these problems, and prepare for the next World Cup. Dunga actually doing well, there are a lot of new players coming into the national team, buy soccer jerseys and indeed to the time plan for the future. "