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After the 2014-15 season, C Luo has been in the United States on vacation, replica soccer jerseys wholesale the other day, the Portuguese star to enjoy leisure time in Las Vegas. Although away from football, can C Luo still have "good deeds" spread in social networks. Recently, C Luo staged a "restitution" of the play: he picked up a woman's phone, then dial the phone and invited the girl to dinner wholesale replica soccer jerseys.

On social networks, a young woman named austinmilan, cheap replica soccer jerseys tells the story. "The bad news is that two days before, my phone is lost! But the good news is, C Luo picked up my cell phone replica soccer jerseys cheap. Even better news is that last night he took us to dinner!"

This is not a "no plans no truth", female fans posted three photos. In the dim light psychedelic, C Lo wearing a white T-shirt, his left arm around the blonde, soccer replica jerseys dressed in a black sling female fans. Another picture, it is the female pink kiss on the cheek C Luo, Portuguese star a great enjoyment expression. The first three photos, it is C Ronaldo and cell phone owner "sisterhood" photo. C Luo arms around the shoulders of two girls, apparently, soccer jerseys replica this unexpected encounter them very productive.

C Ronaldo this a good thing, cheap soccer jerseys upload to social networking. Real Madrid fans have mixed feelings: "C Luo pick up the phone, call the owner, invited her to (have) a dinner, a good man, a gentleman!" There are fans on TwitterC Luo: "Cristiano, wholesale soccer jerseys my phone was gone, help me find the way asked me to dinner. "However, a girl from Florida, named Mary Anna sharply pointed out:"! Probably, C Lo is found that cell phone owner Videos of the album before deciding will be the female owner, After all, buy soccer jerseys the man is not free to do good ...... "