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Bayern currently underway to prepare for the new season, youth soccer jerseys wholesale but the grid policy and other international obtain a longer vacation, to rejoin later. The grid policy brokers said publicly last weekend, Bayern Goetze no full confidence and support, especially in some key games last season, youth soccer jerseys cheap did not give Goetze more playing time. For the player agent's remarks, Honorary President Franz Beckenbauer Bayern responded immediately.

Beckenbauer made it clear that "I do not know what is meant by saying this agent, Bayern did not need to abandon him, I do not know what kind of support should also be provided. I think the players at Bayern effect if you want the first achieved success in three seasons, youth replica soccer jerseys then he should take the initiative to make changes in the game, especially to improve one's ability to break through, it is very necessary cheap usa soccer jerseys. "

Clearly, the grid policy Beckenbauer satisfied with the performance cheap soccer jerseys. In fact as early as May of this year, Tony Wong had publicly criticized the grid policy "is not mature enough, it will suddenly lose fight to halt this childish act and Bayern match." And now Tony Wong has made it clear that the weakness is Goetze one breakthrough were not doing well. Indeed, last season, after Franck Ribery and Robben injury absence, the former Bayern field on the lack of a personal breakthrough can tear the opponent defense players, cell policy is not to assume such a burden.

In order to avoid this season like this happens again, Bayern have spent the introduction of high-priced Brazilian international winger Douglas - Costa. Beckenbauer said, "He is a very good player, past Shakhtar effect is on the subject of concern, especially in the Champions League game against Bayern. Costa introduced recommendations melon handsome indeed, but Bayern executives will participate in discussions together. team needs the right signings, buy soccer jerseys but we must not forget Bayern last season, he suffered a lot of injuries, which is a big problem. "

Beckenbauer then think, Douglas - Costa € 30 million transfer fee, some high, "relative, Costa is a more economical choice, but I think that 30 million euros of the price is still high, originally introduced in Bayern. Berry spent only 25 million, the introduction of Robben is 24 million, but those days have gone. Premier League television revenue gained high, they have virtually unlimited funds, which allows them to open out in the transfer market expensive, wholesale soccer jerseys so the players are constantly being elevated social status. "

Last Beckenbauer also talked about the new season of the Bundesliga championship, "I think the Bundesliga this season competition will be more intense, other teams are also being enhanced strength, especially Wolfsburg. In addition Dortmund can recover, but also There Borussia and Bayer Leverkusen, Schalke also very good time in the state of threat. But I also believe that Bayern are no longer plagued by injuries, we will be able to more cheap usa soccer jerseys stable performance in the league. "